The Drones, Counter Drones & UAS Middle East Summit 2019 addresses improving the regions self-defense capabilities by deploying drones, counter drones & UAs technologies at the operational and intelligence layers.

In the military context, drones are mainly used to improve actionable intelligence in Urban Warfare & Hostile Terrains. Safety factor also plays a big role since the drone market and smaller UAS market in booming in the Middle east. The rapid usage of these technologies in the military causes fast changes of the security environment in the MENA region.

Deploying counter drones technologies in this matter is an immediate requirement to protect the critical infrastructures.

The conference will feature senior representatives of the UAV world. Leaders from the military, critical infrastructure and commercial sectors will share how they are integrating Drones, Counter Drones & UAS successfully into their global operations across multiple verticals.

Why you cannot miss this event?

  • Hear about Military’s Counter-Drones acquisition goals
  • Learn how pilotless drones capable of carrying a person will begin to soar through the airspace
  • Examine what kind of anti-drone technologies are existing in the market for the different purposes
  • Learn how to drive the maximum value of your counter drone systems by meeting relevant counter drone vendor partners
  • Learn how the Oil & Gas companies, Ports and Airports are using UAS to perform inspections faster, mire safely and carefully

Who should attend?

Directors, Head, Vice President, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Superintendents and Chiefs in-charge of:

  • Military
  • Police
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • All solution providers of products and services looking to promote in wider scale in the region
  • Private and commercial companies in the field
  • Professionals and academic specialized in the unmanned and defense sector
  • Safety and Security
  • Operations
  • Emergency Response
  • Inspection and Compliance

What our past attendees had to say